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Radio Prep Sheets

Looking for new, fresh content to share with your listeners? Look no further!

For decades, Ben Walsh has been providing affordable Radio Show Prep to help on air personalities connect with their audience. Ben is one of the industry’s most entertainingly relevant and budget-friendly radio show prep services available today.

Each morning Ben delivers content covering a wide variety of topics important to you and your listeners: Sex, Relationships, Money, Career, Family, Exercise, Environment, Business, Food, Parenting, Fashion, Entertainment…and yes, POLITICS and RELIGION!

Ben takes away the time consuming, fact finding, tedious task of gathering fun and interesting current happenings, then filters and organizes the latest news and generates easy-to-use, ready-to-read brilliantly crafted punchlines and scripts.

Over the years, Benny the Jokeman has written monologues and stand-up material for Jay Leno (and many others.) He’s now providing complete daily Radio Prep Sheets.

Ben’s Radio Prep Sheet is funny, topical, outlandish and sometimes edgy. Feel free to mix this material with your personalized local content and your show will be killing it daily.

Are we available in your market? Find out by requesting a FREE TRIAL subscription today!

Bring a new energy to your show with Benny the Jokeman’s Radio Prep Sheet; it’s timely, interesting, and fun for the listener AND you! Ben’s jokes are original, clever and timely. We guarantee, you will always find something worth sharing with your listeners.